Windows XP – End of Life

If your reading this you are probably one of the 30% of companies still using Windows XP.

Whats happening.
On the 30th April, Windows XP goes end of Life. This means that Microsoft are going to stop writing patches and security updates. This does not mean that your computer is going to suddenly die. As time goes on, your exposure to risk will increase with time, as nasty people work out exploits to gain access to your value data.

Your options:

You can carry on regardless. You can guess we wouldn’t recommend this option!

You can spend a lot of capital. Update all of your computers, replace your Server. This sounds expensive to us.

What can we do.

We can use your current hardware, Migrate all your data to an Operating system of your choice (Windows 7 or 8). Include Proactive technical support, with a can do attitude. That you can access from an internet connected device.

All for a daily cost of less than you spend on your home made lunch.

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