Veterinary Specialists

We at Workhosted are dedicated to supplying reliable, secure and flexible hosting services. We have built our services around this core mantra.

We have tailored our product, to support your bespoke practice management software. We can enable your vets to have live access to your systems out on the job. This could be a tablet, mobile or laptop.

As your practice grows, our solution grows with you, all we need is a day’s notice.

We provide your hosted desktop for fixed monthly cost. This means that there is are no hidden surprises with cash flow. Once your private server is up and running new users can be added with as little as a days notice with payment of a small configuration fee, in the same vein they can be removed or temporarily suspended, so for example for during maternity the only extra you would end up paying is the set-up of the temp (you only pay for the active users).

Hosted Desktop is the core product, that is built upon to provide your bespoke solution. If you want Microsoft Office, you can have the whole suite or just one of the apps. Your email, can be brought across, and hosted for you, either in the Exchange ( think cherries on top) or just basic mail. Your practice management software, can be installed and maintained, all for a predictable monthly charge. We won’t leave you in the lurch either, if the product isn’t provided by us, but is hosted on the server we will provide best intention support.

Putting your data in “the cloud” sounds scary. Actually it means that your data is now in a special warehouse in the UK. This warehouse has 24 hour onsite security, with announced visits only. It has multiple redundant very very fast internet connections and multiple electricity supply’s including generator backups.

How does that compare to your server on the filling cabinet with the pile of papers on it?