Hosted Email

One size doesn’t fit all in terms of Email. For that reason we offer solutions from all the majors suppliers.

Here is a little bit about the most popular options, but if you have a specific set of requirements  let us know and we will source the best one.


Microsoft Exchange –

The original business solution to email, in fact it does a whole lot more than just email. Live synced Calenders,  Meetings where you can already see your colleagues availability. Centralised Contacts.  Communual Email Folders to be shared throughout your own company. This is the all singing, all dancing Approach.


Google Apps for Business –

So you have your own personal Gmail account and like the way it works. Online Collaboration, Calenders and Meetings.- just not quite as slick as the Microsoft product.


Basic Email –

For those that want a phone to be a phone and email to be just email. This is the most basic product.

We can even mix and match email types. So if you want your own domain (eg. then call and we can have you up and running in under 24 hours.