Hosted Desktop

We can provide the background resources to let you access your desktop and your data from anything that has an internet connection. We provide year round support for this including updates.

We provide you with the latest version of Windows (you can have an older version if you prefer) and Microsoft Office if required.


The fact is that computers have a usable life, but just before you throw out your old PC for being slow, consider this. All the work on a hosted desktop is done by the server, so even an 8 year old PC would be quick enough to get you flying again.

Pay as you grow

This is a very flexible setup. You pay on a monthly basis for what you use. So one month you might have 5 people in the office then you might have an intern for a month, we can add and remove people, very easily you just pay for what you need.

There are no levels of Product, Hosted Desktop includes everything you need. Your Desktop available anywhere, 1st Class Support, Disaster Recovery, Backup and all your Microsoft Licences.


Putting your data in “the cloud” sounds scary. Actually it means that your data is now in a special warehouse in the UK. This warehouse has 24 hour onsite security, with announced visits only. It has multiple very very fast internet connections, multiple electricity supply’s including generator backups.

How does that compare to your server on the filling cabinet with the pile of papers on it?


Flexibility for your workforce. Studies have shown that output is increased when workers feel more flexible. Working from anywhere means no time is lost with people having to return to “office” to input data or print out that document.